About us


    TBI One Love is an organization created to provide information, support, communication, services, contributions, interaction, networking and connection to individuals interested in Traumatic Brain Injury areas of recovery, prevention, and Brain health.

     Providing a positive forum for survivors and caregivers brings hope, inspiration, and education to those touched with Traumatic Brain Injury.

  TBI One Love was established by James B Durham III and his family in 2015.  In Sept 2011 James “Jimmy Jam” suffered a near fatal motorcycle accident and Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in San Antonio, Texas.  His Miraculous recovery, positive outlook, determination, and desire to help others inspires others to do the same.

            “One Love” - Prior to his injury, most things were signed “One Love” by James. The outpouring of support, love, and prayers on his and his family’s behalf could only be described as “One Love”.  God’s Love, Grace, and the Miracles witnessed during the recovery and today, the greatest love of all – “One Love” uniting us all.  “One Love” continues to represent this incredible journey and purpose for James, his family, and TBIOneLove.


“If you love the life you live, your life will love you right back.”

                                                                                                   James Durham

POSITIVE PURPOSE: Connecting, Speaking, Supporting and Inspiring

   THE BRAIN – Two years and multiple CT scans, MRI’s and the like, a “look see” scan was done December 2013.  Immediately seen during viewing of the film/scan, at almost the very end as the skull enclosed over the brain – was a perfectly visible HEART in the last portion of the brain captured.  It did not exist in ANY of the multiple prior films, x-rays, surgical snapshots, or any image taken in any point of film. Today, the image used on the TBIOneLove stickers is the actual photo saved of James’ Head/Brain MRI film and the last image of his brain, is a heart!


                                                                         “Love was on my mind, Literally!”

                                                                                         James Durham

POSITIVE IMAGE: Share the love


   Life as a survivor has become This Beautiful Injury(TBI) rather than just an Injury.  Through a new purpose to give back and use gift of life given, James works through organizations, social media, speaking engagements, hospitals, volunteering, fundraising, and connecting with other TBI survivors to bring a positive outlook and hope to others, to end the silence of Traumatic Brain Injury and increase awareness in support of survivors and their caregivers and families.


                                                                    “Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the Present.” 

                                                       Help Out People Everywhere (HOPE)and always share the Love!


                                                                                                  One Love –

                                                                                   James "Jimmy Jam" Durham