TBI One Love Talks


 Can be: Private or Group settings Lasting 30 -90 Minute Presentations or Full Day Workshops, to be fully engaging with the perfect blend of Teaching and Activities to insure that what is learned actually gets used in ALL angles of life.


You will learn how to obtain a positive mind, along with the ripple effects that provides a permanent positive life since, we are what we think.


This will teach you how, relationships are extremely important. How well you get along with your boss, your customers, your friends and your family members can determine the accomplishments you achieve in life. For, Learning how to build winning rela- tionships is a key to achieving a successful life. 


You will learn the power of goal setting and the easy steps it takes to guaran- tee you can achieve any goal you set using the goal setting formula because time can either be an alloy or an enemy.

This will help you learn how YOU can take control of your destiny. Your future is not determined by other people or circumstances. In fact, regardless of your circumstances there is one undeniable freedom; the freedom to choose your attitude toward those circumstances 

TBI One Love's Show, Airs: The 1st, 3rd and 5th Monday of Every Month From 9-11 Pm CST Covering 50 States and 32 Countires.