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TBI One Love Survivor Carmen Staples

Hi everybody, my name is Carmen Staples. I have been a TBI Survivor going on 46 and a half years since 1972.

I sustained my TBI, when I was two and a half years old while swimming at our neighbors house. What happened is that, I ended up drowning in the pool and had a lack of oxygen to the Brain. But luckily, I was found by my older sister at the bottom of a pool.

Finding me, was very traumatic for her, but thankfully the neighbor happened to be a nurse at Mercy Hospital Minnesota and immediately gave me CPR!

After CPR, she called the paramedics and I was rushed to the hospital where, I was actually declared Dead on arrival until they revived me.

I was in a coma for 6-8 weeks, they also told my mom and dad if I were to live I'd be a vegetable. But, I proved them wrong because, I am walking, talking and living!

Do not get me wrong, It took a lot of rehab to be able to prove everyone wrong, but none the less I am an absolute miracle, love every minute of it and love sharing my story with people!

I'm very thankful that I get the opportunity to share my story with you. Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family!

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