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TBI One Love Survivor Dakota Massey

Hello, my name is Nita and this is our son Dakota.

He suffered a TBI on August 4,2015. Our son was a correctional officer with the State of Florida and had taken an inmate to the bus station to EOS. Ten miles from home Dakotas state Ford Taurus and a semi crashed into one another.  We made it to the crash site right behind the ambulance and Dakota was still trapped in the car and unconscious. The paramedics had to use jaws of life to get him out . 

The weather was very nasty that day and life flight could not fly down to the coast so they put two paramedics in the back of the ambulance and started  to Tallahassee which is 52 miles from where we live . We later learned from an officer at the scene that they could not look us in the eye because they did not believe he would live that long . It was probably 2-3 hours before we were able to actually see Dakota and I can remember now that  something was not right that could not be my child fighting for his life and it was the first time I had ever heard the word traumatic brain injury.

The doctor was telling us that they had to go into to surgery right then and he would only give us a 20 percent chance that Dakota would make it through surgery or even live in the first seventy two hours .  Dakotas skull was crushed and could not be saved. He had a fracture in his neck  near the brain stem, all the bones in his face were broken, two broken jaws, a fracture in the back, a broken femur, and a broken hip. I remember thanking God that he was knocked unconscious because the pain alone would have killed him.

He was in surgery for several hours and finally taken to the neurological ICU. He was on life support for 27 days and I can remember trying to find a spot on him that was not covered in tubes or wires that I could touch and kiss. Dakota remained in a coma for three weeks and we were told he would be in a vegetative state the rest of his life . Little did that Doctor know that he had a family that would not give up on him .

We are now 8 months in and we have just been classified to minimumly conscious and we know God has a much greater plan for Dakota . One day he will have an amazing testimony to tell . As parents we will never give up . God places people in our lives just when we need them . And their have been so many prayers for Dakota and our family . The outpouring of love and support has gotten us to this point .

We brought Dakota home November 16, and I believe this has helped tremendously. We just pray that Dakota will be able to one day enjoy the things he loved so much. Dakota was engaged to a wonderful girl at the time of the accident and was a daddy to a beautiful little girl that adores him .

We pray that he will be able to one day soon go home to them and live his life with them . And I pray one day soon I will see his infectious smile and here his voice telling me he loves us.

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