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TBI One Love Survivor Dante Fugate

Hello again, my name is Wendie Cheng and this is for my son Dante Fugate.

it all started October 30th, 2017 my son started having a horrible headache throwing up couldn't feel his left side started having a mild stroke when the paramedics got there. so, they airlifted him to the hospital here in Orlando they told us he had a mild stroke and a massive brain hemorrhage they told us that we needed to get our Affairs in order, he wasn't going to make it boy was it a sad scene in the ER that day with myself and my daughters.

they said to calm down we're going to take him to ICU and see what we can do once they got the bleeding stopped on the brain. it was a huge clot laying on his brain they said we are going to watch him to see if this dissolves itself and to watch his mental status to make sure it didn't change, because that would mean his brain had started bleeding again which could be very dangerous. 

because the first 24 hours he knew his name, what year he was born, why he was there, what time the clock said any questions they had he answered. my baby was screaming and pain so bad with his head, from the brain hemorrhage but they couldn't give him anything for the pain because they had to make sure there was no damage to his brain and to make sure his mental status didn't change the doctor said it was due to him having high blood pressure that caused his brain to Hemorrhage, and during the second surgery they found out that he had something called AVM that he was within 24 hours.

 he started not to know who he was he thought he was born in 1960 he didn't know his name or where he was then started to go in and out of Consciousness and started seizing bad foaming at the mouth they got him stable than they took him back to put a drain in his brain to drain the fluid and blood off after they did the CT scan 6 hours later and said his brain was bleeding again.

 I was so relieved not to hear my baby screaming in pain 5 hours later they woke me up in that waiting room and said my son was in trouble and dying because his brain swelled up in size by 5 times the pressure in his brain should only be 12 or 13 it was 40 his eyes were bulging out of his head. he wasn't going to make it watch his mental status to make sure it didn't change because that would mean his brain had started bleeding again what could be very thing just because the first 24 hours he knew his name what year he was born why he was there what time clock any questions he had he answered. my baby was screaming and pain so bad with his head from the brain hemorrhage but they couldn't give him anything for the pain because they had to make sure there was no damage to his brain to make sure his mental status didn't change  needless to say within 24 hours he started not to know who he was he thought he was born 1960 he didn’t name or where he was and started to go in and out of consciousness and started seizing foaming at the mouth  they took him back to put a drain in his brain to drain the fluid and blood off after they did the CT scan ,didn’t last but 5 hours later after 6 hours in surgery again they said surgery went well and he should wake up in 24 to 36 hours after meds and anesthesia wore off sadly enough he didn't wake up he fell into a deep, for a month or more we were told he probably wouldn't come out of it because of severe brain damage and several strokes during the time in between surgeries but thank you Jesus and all my prayer warriors he did and has been fighting since then he has come a long way and been through so much pain that he is endured and has so much more life left in him with the right Medicaid the right medical care rehab love and prayers.

 I never thought in a million years I would be experienced this horrible nightmare with my only son. my baby boys only 30 years old it just seems so unfair but I will never question God and continue to praise Him and keep the faith it is all in God's hands now. prayer is so very powerful and once again I cannot thank all my prayer warriors enough, you all have been truly amazing and a breath of fresh air and have gave me the strength to keep moving forward that's why my son has fought for so hard and for so long.

 Dante has always been so self-sufficient work very hard always took good care of his family and loves his son so much his son is only 4 years old and just turn 4 the day of his daddy’s surgery. it broke my heart when his son was scared to go near him when the bone flap was out of his head knowing how much he loves and needs his daddy my son is my whole world and don't know what I would ever do without him that's why I will never give up on him or stop fighting for him. 

I don't care what the doctor say, like I told them I respect your opinion as a doctor but you are not God and he has the final word like the doctor said he had a 3% chance of coming out of all this and now they said a 50% chance while God is good that is why I can't just sit around and do nothing and be too proud and believe I can figure this out on my own. I must prepare myself and him for when the day comes, and it will for him to have enough strength to come back to me or like I said before they want to just put him in a nursing home and give up on him.

 this would truly break my heart it has felt like a lifetime watching my son suffer but he is truly fighting for his life and has proved it by coming out of a major coma and getting off life-support. I hate more than anything to ask for help from anyone but a few people suggested for me to reach out to GoFundMe:

I am all he has I am his mother, he is my only son, it is my job to keep fighting for him so that he does have a second chance at life I am also realistic from All the Strokes and bleeding on his brain for so long in between surgeries I know it could take months or even years for him to be able to function as much as we want him to. all we can do is pray, I also find myself being so angry and sad at the same time just baffled at how he went from having a mild stroke when he came to the hospital, to knowing everything that they asked him to answer two responding normally, to having 75% brain damage now being coma toast and. 

Only God Knows Why and he has given me the strength to not dwell on it just to continue to pray for his recovery, I have proudly been posting pictures during the holiday of Dante with the family with his eyes wide open because it has been the hardest thing in the world to get through, is the holidays without my baby and I am being so excited to see his eyes are now open and he is trying to move his arms and legs and not in a full fledge coma anymore. but the truth of the matter is he is comatose and can still not respond, other than sometimes he squeezes my hands and or blinks twice on command, but just not as much as the doctor wants to see.

 I'm sorry if I mislead anyone by the pictures, when I know some of you were coming to visit hoping to see him walk talk or even sit up, but I have faith in God he will be doing all of this, all of these things with aggressive rehab continued prayers and constant medical assistant I know this with all my heart, because even the two times a week that physical therapy was allowed to come work with him, and I say that because he doesn't have Medicaid and he couldn't have any more than twice a week he is doing great and very much more so much more responsive when he's not just lying in bed with no stimulation no matter how many much stimulation we the family give him or try to work with him it's not the same as having physical therapy from the nurses and doctors/

 when he was in the coma for a month we decorate his room put pictures up play songs that he liked kept playing an audio of his son's voice saying Daddy I love you ,I miss you wake up daddy, over and over that is when he started to come out of the coma .he open one eye and one tear drop came out, I was so grateful but so sad because I knew he could hear us and his son's voice but couldn't respond then the second day he squeezed my hand I was on top of the world thanking God from that day forward he has been fighting and doing something different everyday getting stronger one day at a time like my mom used to say God is good then about 5 days later his sutures got infected from his second brain surgery he had fevers for 2 weeks he got pneumonia twice he got dehydrated and got sicker. 

the surgeon said they were going to have to do a third brain surgery I was scared to death he would fall back into the coma but thank God he didn't, he opened his eyes again day 3 after 3 surgeries and that is when they put his bone flap back in his brain he now looks so much better and his son is not scared to hug and kiss him anymore it just broke my heart when he was afraid to go near him and this lady came in after the surgery applied for disability and Medicaid for him since he has none.

 he actually got approved for it after a couple weeks the lady called me and told me they had to drop everything deny him of everything because I was the one that had to sign the papers for him, because he was incapacitated and I was only his proxy and would have to get power of attorney or guardianship in order for him to qualify for anything,,, legal fees things, I don't have, That’s the problem, all the cost the money that I don't have and for guardianship you have to show the judge we have a two bedroom apartment or house that is medically equipped for him where it is downstairs, you have a wheelchair ramp etc. a van with a lift for his wheelchair to accommodate him to take him to doctor's appointments therapy Specialists I have none of these things I have only been able to work part-time and I am disabled myself his. hospital bills are racking up and he's been in the hospital 3 months and because he doesn't have insurance I can't even get him into a rehabilitation center or any of the things he would need if needs to come home, as I said a nursing home is out of the question. 

it's just not an option my baby needs lots of love support and prayers people that believe in him and his recovery and he has all of that I am so scared right now and this is my last option so please if you can't donate anything at all I would be so grateful if not I understand what the holidays and everything I know people are struggling just like I am even continued prayers would be amazing I'm open for suggestions and if anyone can lead me in the right direction I would dearly appreciate it I need lots of prayers and lots of shares I beg of you I tried to post pictures from beginning to Middle to now just so I can keep everyone updated from this day on I'm sorry I got carried away with such a long story I just want everyone to be connected to my son and I know what happened and why are we so desperately need help this is a plea for my son to have a second chance at life my family and I are remaining positive staying strong praising God and doing the best we can do during the Stark difficult time the money that is being raised for my son is for his recovery welfare and stability while he's getting stronger as following legal fees and are guardianship for power of attorney or guardianship.

 so that I can get him the help he needs secondary insurance to cover rehab along with regular insurance medical equipment payment plan with the hospital in home service for the nurses to come twice a week should we have to take him home a van big enough to take my son to the doctor's appointments rehab Specialists MRI CT scans and general and so forth I have argued and begged the hospital till I'm blue in my face to give my son more time to not just put him in it home since he second brain surgery when his bone flap was still out of his brain he developed pneumonia and got dehydrated again from everyday fevers.

 has bed ulcers infection on his knee not to mention he still has a trach and feeding tube and has lost 45 lb. this all breaks my heart because my son has always been a big strong boy they used to call him Superman for the ones that knew him he's always been so strong and loves everyone so much and always been there for everyone he would do anything that your heart desires, he has the biggest heart that I know. as I type this letter the tears just won't stop flowing just doesn't feel real it all feels like a bad nightmare so please if you could just donate a dollar anything at all I would be so grateful for. 

if you can't I understand if you could just pray and continue to share with as many people as you can so that my son can have a second chance at life thank you all for you taking the time to read our story and God bless you!

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