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TBI One Love Survivor Jake Richardson

Hello, my name is Danielle Richardson. My son Jake was in a massive car crash, the morning on September 20th of 2013 when he had just turned 18 and was getting a lift home! Jake from this accident, sustained a huge Brain Injury that caused him to be in a coma for 38 days! After the coma, Jake had to learn to walk, eat, and talk all over again! Some of the results are that, he is blind in one eye and only has 13% vision in the other.

Jake lost a part of his skull, which is the size of my hand! He spent around 8 months with a BIG hole in his head. Jake now has a plate in his head to cover the hole.From the side where the craniectomy was done, he is Brain dead and has no pituitary glands! So, on hormones Jakes takes about 30 pills a day and IV needles.

Please pray for us! Thank you for allowing Jake and I to join this helpful Family!

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