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TBI One Love Survivor Jennifer Potterfield

Hello my name is Jen. I have had 5 brain injuries: 3 totaled vehicles, 2 assaults!

I worked in a public school and received 2 brain injuries within a year from violent students with Autism after being assaulted and losing my career.

Besides losing my career (that took 8 years of college to obtain), a boyfriend or two, most my friends and social life, I spent a couple years living in paralyzing fear, depression and excruciating pain. 

Partnered with a team of doctors, therapists and coaches, a brain injury support group, my dad, and the greatest rock of a friend one could ask for, I slowly gained back my strength and confidence. 

I stumbled into a yoga studio one day about a year and a half ago, and my life have been forever changed. Yoga brought me a profound sense of peace. I learned how to breathe. I found freedom.

Yoga teacher training starts soon and I can only hope to be as inspiring and impactful to others as the teachers who have gently guided me into this beautiful and nonviolent new life. 💚🙏

Thank you for letting me join this helpful inspiring family!


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