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TBI One Love Survivor Jonathan Swiatocha

Hello my name is Jonathan.

On December 6, 2002 I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury after my family and I were hit by an underage drunk driver. As a ten-year-old child, I spent about three days in the ICU on life support, paralyzed from the waist down. I spent 18 days between the hospital and rehab facility before I was released home. I spent an additional 6 months of outpatient therapy and for the past 12 years have done a yearly assessment at the UT Dallas Brain Health Center. These past 13 years I've been through trials and tribulations as a result of my brain injury like PTSD, depression, isolation, mood swings, etc. And for too long did I let my injury keep me from reaching my highest potential in life.

When I was at a very dark point in my life and I was considering ending my life, and suddenly the eyes of my heart were opened. I give all the Glory to God for saving me, restoring me back to life and for giving me a platform to share my story. Only through HIM, I was raised up out of the coma! Only through HIM did I walk again after only 12 days of being paralyzed. And only through HIM am I now being used today to share my message of victory with the world! Miracles happen every single day and like many people in our world today, I'm living proof of it. If your struggling in any area of your life, there's no obstacle or circumstance that Jesus Christ can't handle! He said "I am the way, the truth, and the life." If you want to know how I was supernaturally healed? How am I able to talk about my struggles from my brain injury or how do I run? The answer is that everything is through faith! Everyday I give thanks for being alive.

To all of my brothers and sisters living with TBI, let it be known that I will be the first Olympic Runner with a Traumatic Brain Injury!


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