One of the primary goals of TBI One Love is to bring survivors together by sharing stories of inspiration, recovery, and hope with each unique journey associated with their life changing TBI.  Allowing survivors an opportunity to share their story inspires, encourages, and motivates others bringing something positive for all. 

   Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: each and every TBI is unique and different – brain injury knows no boundaries!  Here, you are part of a family and you are NOT alone! Together we can make a positive difference, spread awareness and education, end the silence, and support each other.

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Hello, my name is Latasha Lewis and my son’s name is Camden. He has had developmental deficits his entire life with no answers as to why.

After years of speech, occupation therapy, and many other treatments, Camden was recently diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury.

He suffered the injury at birth along with brachial nerve damage to his right arm. He was a 10-pound baby that was hung in the birth canal for over an hour!

 His injuries impact everyday life for him. His speech, coordination, self-re...

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