One of the primary goals of TBI One Love is to bring survivors together by sharing stories of inspiration, recovery, and hope with each unique journey associated with their life changing TBI.  Allowing survivors an opportunity to share their story inspires, encourages, and motivates others bringing something positive for all. 

   Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: each and every TBI is unique and different – brain injury knows no boundaries!  Here, you are part of a family and you are NOT alone! Together we can make a positive difference, spread awareness and education, end the silence, and support each other.

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Hello my name is Whitney Rodriguez, and my husband is Dominguez. I will never forget when both his and our life drastically changed!

What took place is, on the night of February 6th of 2006, on the way home from a Greek event at UF in Gainesville, the driver of Dominguez's car fell asleep at the wheel and they collided with a tree on Dominguez's side of the car!

That night I was in the car in front of his. We drove straight to the hospital. Everyone in Dominguez's car was fine, except Dominguez. 


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