One of the primary goals of TBI One Love is to bring survivors together by sharing stories of inspiration, recovery, and hope with each unique journey associated with their life changing TBI.  Allowing survivors an opportunity to share their story inspires, encourages, and motivates others bringing something positive for all. 

   Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: each and every TBI is unique and different – brain injury knows no boundaries!  Here, you are part of a family and you are NOT alone! Together we can make a positive difference, spread awareness and education, end the silence, and support each other.

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This is Austin Aceves' story. He was in a terrible motorcycle accident on the morning of September 4th 2015.

The accident was in Yucaipa, CA where he lives and has grown up his whole life. From witness accounts, he was not speeding or driving erratically. He was just a new motorcycle owner, buying it brand new off the showroom floor just 6 weeks prior to the accident, and he just lost control of his bike and laid it down in a curve and slid into oncoming traffic where he hit a car head on. He was...

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