TBI One Love and Nutcase Helmets join in creating a special event for

                            “Mindful March” - Brain Injury Awareness Month 2017


            Share the Love is a new and exciting event for 2017 Brain Injury Awareness Month!  A perfect partnership between TBI One Love and Nutcase Helmets, the event will continue through the month of March as we surprise some of our Inspirational Survivors from our family tree with a “Share the Love” package – including a Nutcase helmet! We will follow the packages constantly posting their progress and see where they go and how the recipients then, Share the Love even further. The perfect partnership in prevention and awareness.  Nutcase Helmets, TBI One Love, our followers, and Inspiring Survivors together, can bring greater awareness, prevention, and a little joy into some lives. 

              TBI One Love has grown thanks to YOUR support in joining James in his mission to “end the silence” and inspire others to share their stories.  TBI One Love’sFamily Tree” now hosts over 200 Inspirational Survivors and their stories through Brain Injury representing 10 countries!  Selecting a few of these Inspirations who already Share the Love is the perfect way to spread awareness and give back to them as well.  Knowing some survivors might not be interested in having a helmet or doing the activities that come with it; once received, those survivors can either keep the helmet or they too, can pass it on and Share the Love further – just send us photos to share!

             Bringing awareness to brain injury can make a difference in the lives of others and hopefully, prevention in the future. Brain Injury affects us all. More than 12 MILLION Americans live with some type of brain injury. TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is caused by trauma to the brain by an outside force. Every 13 seconds, someone in the U.S. sustains a TBI averaging 2.5 MILLION children and adults each year! A quarter of those require hospitalization and 50,000 die because of TBI each year. One in every 60 people in the U.S. lives with a TBI-related disability, some visible, some not.

             Three years ago, James purchased a Nutcase helmet, not only because it looked like a brain and the name was “nutcase”, but also because it was the best protection found for him to ride a bike in sunny Florida. James has felt a connection with Nutcase and their motto “I love my brain”.  Nutcase Helmets has been a wonderful source of support of Brain Injury Awareness month with BIAA (Brain Injury Association of America) in the past, the perfect opportunity happened for working together, “No Coincidences”.

            Much like brain injury survivors, Nutcase Helmets prides itself in expressing individual personality, the best protection, and in the importance of Loving our Brains! A long-time source of support for brain injury awareness, the many unique qualities, and let’s face it – the catchy name and logos, Nutcase and TBI One Love is the perfect partnership to spread awareness and hopefully prevention of brain injuries.


We hope you all will join us in reposting, spreading the word, sending in how you are Sharing the Love during Brain Injury Awareness Month and we will share that too!  “Share the Love” updates and progress plus Inspirational Survivors and their stories can be found here,

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