TBI One Love Survivor Paul Fishkind

April 23, 2016


I will elaborate more and edit this ongoing, but I'm about to go out to work however I want to post here to break the ice and introduce myself!

My TBI occurred when I was 17 and a Junior in HS, as a result of an Auto Accident (I was a passenger). 

In one sense some may think I'm one of "luckier" ones (because NO ONE can tell unless I tell them), however as ALL of you know we "think differently" and this has effected my whole life!

Although I've probably been through well more than 25 jobs in my life, I am *very* entrepreneurial... and my TBI 100% led to a business that can POSITIVELY IMPROVE MANY WOMEN'S LIVES IN TODAY'S WORLD, however my TBI also "handicapped" my ability to fully bring "Her" to fruition!

The name of my business is HerComputer® and is fully built on and around the FACT that Men and Women Think, Learn and Communicate DIFFERENTLY, and what enabled me to fully grasp that fact is because, well, I do too ;-)

There's more to this story, and I've fumbled forward to a very exciting point in HerComputer®'s evolution which is well beyond this... which is where this Journey started over four years ago, but for now let me post this link to give y'all a sense of the positive that CAN come from a TBI: https://www.facebook.com/notes/paul-fishkind/press-release-commemorating-my-brain-injury-30-years-ago-today-as-well-as-the-la/10150182172472403?pnref=lhc

HerComputer® is at a very exciting point right now, and I'll ask that any WOMEN that are involved in Technology (or who want to become involved in Technology) to please send me a message, or Friend me on Facebook.

Will be continued!



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