TBI One Love Survivor Shanley Noonan

March 3, 2017


Hello my name is Shanley Noonan I'm 23 from Essex U.K!


On December 20th 2015 I fell down the side of a steep hill in the French alps sustaining a chronic subdural hematoma on the left side of my brain. I didn't know I had the bleed until 4 weeks later as my GP ignored all my symptoms and the fact I had fallen!


I took myself to the A&E where I was I scanned and sent for emergency surgery within the hour! The doctors were so shocked I was alive and standing! The bleed had squashed my brain completely! I had a craniotomy in January; however, it re bled and I had another craniotomy with a drain fitted in February 2016. 


Since my accident I have headaches every day, fatigue like you wouldn't believe! And, have severe anxiety. But I am so proud of where I am today! I have medication controlling my pain and just keep believing in myself! I couldn't get through any of this without my family and my close friends.


I start a new job in London this month to and I'm extremely proud of myself! I've still got a long way to go in my TBI recovery but I know I'm doing my best!!








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