TBI One Love Survivor Courtney Mould

June 8, 2017


Hello, my name is Courtney Mould. I sustained a TBI and ABI on January 12th in 2014 from a fall and the blow to my head caused seizures to the point where I stopped breathing. I had a brain bleed and an anoxic brain injury. I was in a coma for 3 weeks and the prognosis was grim according to my family, the doctors had told them I'd never walk, talk, or eat again. I slowly started recovering becoming aware of what was going on, slowly started talking, slowly started walking again. 


Before my injury, I was a rookie snowboarder and college student. I used to race at my local mountain competing in snowboardcross and slopestyle events. About a year after my injury I wanted to get back on my snowboard and everyone said "no". 


My family found out about Adaptive Sports and I started to sit ski because I was unable to stand and walk for long periods. The next season, I started relearning how to snowboard. It was extremely tough and I was angry that I actually had to relearn how to snowboard! By the end of the season, I was independently snowboarding thanks to my Adaptive Sports coaches. (Shout out to Sara and Smitty!). 


These days, I am able to cycle on an adaptive bike, I work out with an adaptive trainer, snowboard without any adaptations.  


Although I deal with a movement disorder, still deal with speech and language issues, and a visual impairment now, I am at the point where I am racing in Para snowboarding events and looking to make Team USA for the 2022 Paralympics.


I guess you can say that I snowboard better than I walk! If there is a will, there is a way! Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family!











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