TBI One Love Survivor Barb George

January 7, 2018


Hello, my name is Ms. Barb George. My life changed 13 years ago when I was 'head butted' by my daughters horse... full tilt, as fast as a horse can shake its head... 6 months later I had another accident in the ring with the horses and that complicated everything else (I was obviously not healed from the first accident). 


 Both times I lost consciousness for unknown amounts of time.   I have 'boxers brain' (moderate brain injury) but no surgery. I was the photographer in the family. 


I was 45 at the time of the accident, self-employed (doing very well) and had just moved to the area of SW WA state.  We had a small farm and a combined family with four kids.  We now have 4 kids (and two kids-in-love, our sons in laws) and 6 grandkids. 

I have fought to come back since everything was mainly 'hidden' I got very little help.  My husband, who traveled out of country for work was unaware that I needed any therapies or help, but I should have. 


I was very isolated (8 miles up a mountain) and unable to drive for 18 months due to the onset of seizures. It has been a slow but worthwhile recovery.


  I have been an advocate for several years and lead an active support group that serves all Western WA state on the coast.  We relocated to Hoquiam WA 6 yrs. ago and that has made a huge difference. 


 I am no longer so isolated and am actually back to work recently!  It is not nearly the high-pressure occupation that I had before and certainly not the income, but I am thrilled to be assisting others with disabilities to get back to work!

 I created and run a Different-Abilities Walk, Roll & Stroll 4 yrs. ago and we have a wonderful time with folks of all ages. 


This photo below is me, with Zak and his son who come out each year and entertain the kids at our walk.


  Behind me is Alice, another member of our support group who has an amazing sanctuary for disabled animals (Jack the dog she is holding is deaf and blind).


 We live in an economically challenged area, so we run this on a shoestring and tiny donation, but everyone gets a T shirt and a medal. 


 I am very proud of this and the kids most of all look forward to it!


Thank you for letting me join this supportive and helpful family!




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