TBI One Love Survivor Cynthia Martinez

January 6, 2020



Hello everyone,


My name is Cynthia Martinez.


I’m a single mom who at 34 years old went to my friends house for a fun game night with my 5 year old son, and after just a couple of minutes of being there, all of a sudden fainted with no warning, once the paramedics quickly arrived I was rushed to the hospital where they discovered that I had an aneurysm rupture on the right side of my brain.


Although it was clipped, conditions worsened when my brain began to swell, and then  I had a stroke on my left side!


 So I faced my 2nd surgery within two days, this surgery was to remove the flap in my skull to give the brain room.Against all odds I began to recuperate and a few weeks later I faced my third surgery to put the flap back in. After a month and 10 days of being in the hospital, I was sent to a rehabilitation facility, where I stayed for 2 weeks in order to regain strength on my left side that was left weak after my stroke.


After 2 weeks I came home and continued physical and occupational therapy, while also suffering from anxiety, fear, and depression.


A month and a half after I was home I got an infection on the flap that was placed. I had to have ANOTHER surgery to remove the fluid build up. The complications haven’t stopped there…after nearly two months after getting my original bone removed, I await my next surgery to get a synthetic bone.I still have an un ruptured aneurysm, that needs to be fixed, after this bone issue is fixed.


Through this experience I am dedicated to sharing my experience with the world and committed to raising awareness!


Please spread the word of the signs, symptoms, please tune into to my instagram channel (@cynthiavm5) every Tuesday, plus let people know about organization: The Bee Foundation who are raising awareness and funding preventative research.






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