plays a crucial part in brain development and function. Consuming protein provides your body with amino acids, which are used to make neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters help your brain communicate and send out signals to your body, and are essential to brain health. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine help regulate your moods and also play a part in important brain functions like concentration, memory and learning

Here are some Helpful


Coconut water 

contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B9 (folate). 27. B1 improves brainfunction, protects the nerves, improves cardiovascular functioning, ensures eye health and is needed for energy production


Brain Octane Oil 

is made of Caprylic fatty acids, which responsible for Cognitive energy, Focus, Concentration, and reduced “Brain fog”, getting the Brain to jump into a higher gear, and even recover faster



improves brain efficiency. It is the "turbo boost" of the brain and muscles.

Brain Elixir

is adaptogenic herbs and pioneering functional ingredients to help support cognitive health, concentration & mental clarity



supports healthy Kids Super Brainy with, Tummy-friendly and fishy-taste-free, snacks that delivers the mega Omegas little ones need to thrive along with Choline, an essential B Vitamin, and superstar wild blueberry. This mixture helps balance out this blend, so their health and development is supported from head to toe.  It's a no-brainer!


ORB Mental Focus+Mood

 is designed to fine-tune your focus. Caffeine and L-Theanine help support a calm but alert mental state, providing a smooth, time-released energy that you can actually feel working. This formula helps support memory and cognition in synergy with fish oil.


UPTIME Sugar Free 

offers a powerful energy boost without any added sugar, which is never lacking in flavor!

This sugar free energy supplement features: crisp, citrus flavors, mental clarity, physical stamina, or added focus, our carefully selected ingredients will help you excel no matter what the task, with only 5 calories.


Neuro Drink

is, a drink with a higher purpose. A beverage that delivers true function to help you be and do your best!

These beverages help from: Healthy energy, Stress Reduction, Overall Health, a better Night’s rest, real appetite and digestive help, and a new take onplayfulenergy!

Sonic- Strengthen the Focus and Creativity with the clarity and energy you need 

Daily-Drink Natures Greatest Defenders by getting the vitamins, nutrients and support you need

Bliss- Bye Bye Stress by relaxing, unwind and go to your happy place

Sleep- Sound Sleep Just a Sip Away because a full Night's sleep is your real energy source


Herb Pharmacy

Supports Healthy Brain Function, Memory & Concentration by providing a smooth lifting of Brain function, a bright clarity of Mind accompanied by a sense of balance and long lasting mental energy with: 

Gotu Kola herb: used for fatigue, anxiety, depression, psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer's disease, and improving memory and intelligence

Ginkgo Leaf: Increases Concentration, Reduces Risk for Dementia and Alzheimer's, Helps Fight Anxiety and Depression, Helps Prevent or Treat ADHD, Helps Treat Headaches and Migraines

Skull Cap Flower: helps eliminate headaches, reduce fever, treat gout and work a sedative for relaxation. Additionally, it’s been thought to treat conditions such as epilepsy, insomnia, hysteria and anxiety.

Sage Leaf: Boosts Cognition and Concentration


Rosemary Leaf: Boosts

Memory and Relieves Mood and Stress


is form of magnesium, which supports Cognition and Brain Health that has been shown, by promising research, to provide significant positive effects on Cognition, Memory and Brain Health.



 contains a very powerful mixture of Phosphatidylserine (PS), which is Vital to the Brain because is maintaining the integrity and fluidity of cell membranes, and is especially important to the Brain function and 

Omega-3, which Reduces oxidative stress and enhances synaptic plasticity and learning and memory.)


With using this perfect blend, for the Brain, it supports:

  • Memory 

  • Faster recall 

  • Increased mental clarity


  • Allows your Body to immediately recognize this structure because Body recognition is the key to supporting Brain health!


NOW True Focus 

combines: Norepinephrine and Dopamine, which are key Neurotransmitters for the maintenance of AlertnessMental Sharpness and for promoting a feeling of general well-being!


 So, these important nutrients with other ingredients like Ginkgo biloba and DMAE to complement this formula produce positive results supporting Brain health and functioning!


 Did you know that

 Cognitive enhancers, can come in the form of lifestyle changes?!

If not, here are a some helpful tools where you can make changes that will POSITIVELY impact your Mental Clarity along with long term Focus! 

  • Reduce or Eliminate Processed Foods: These foods are full of sugar and artificial ingredients that attack your energy levels and focus. Healthy, whole-food choices support overall health, energy, and focus.

  • Get More Sleep:. It is difficult to concentrate when you aren’t getting enough quality sleep. You also make better decisions and manage stress more effectively when you are well rested. 

  • Increase Exercise: Simple steps to increase exercise include things like parking at the far end of the parking lot or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. A Fitbit gave me an eye-opening realization that I needed to include more steps in my day. Setting a step goal helped me find creative ways to get more exercise.

  • Reduce Stress: Easier said than done? If you think so, take a long hard look at your life. Where are you investing your time? You can reduce or even eliminate activities that are keeping you from more meaningful and relaxing pursuits and relationships.

Did you know that: even a calm Brain can be an incredibly busy place, but through meditation we can learn to work with this level of busyness?

Would you like to give Zen Meditation a try in your life?

If so, please try these below that have been used by Google creator: Geoffrey James and Steve Jobs!

Step 1

Sit cross-legged in a quiet, peaceful place. According to the Hindu religion, the cross-legged pose awakens ‘kundalini’ – dormant energy in the body.



Close your eyes and focus on your existing thoughts. Your goal is not to change them or make them simpler; all you’re trying to do is pay attention to them. Pay attention to how your thoughts jump from one topic to another. Do this for five minutes.


That wild, crazy flow you’re observing? Buddhists refer to that as the ‘monkey mind.’ In this step, you’re going to try and shift focus to your ‘ox mind.’ The ‘ox mind’ is aware of the chaos around it but it simply contemplates life.


As you notice yourself toying with the idea of your ‘ox mind,’ ask your brain to slow down. Don’t try to force it; just ask!


Continue concentrating on your ‘ox mind.’ You should feel your breathing slowing down. You’ll become aware of the sensations in your body such as the flow of air. As you open your eyes, the world should appear much different than when you first shut it out. The objects around you should appear just as your thoughts – not requiring change.



Keep practicing this. With time, you’ll become in tune with yourself and your time spent meditating will fly right by. Ideally, this should become an instinct. Whenever you’re faced with a problem you can’t seem to solve, practice Zen Meditation.


Zone Perfect: Revitalize

for Mental focus,

provides key ingredients that promote Mental Focus to: Fuel your Mind and Body with energy Boost, Choline to support Brain Health along with other vitamins!


Brain Awake RED

 can be used daily or as needed to support brain health and to help optimize performance and productivity. Delivering powerful brain-boosters and supportive ingredients that calm and nourish the central nervous system, this product helps to promote focus and mental clarity, while improving information retention and increasing feelings of energy.

My Daily Choice Brain Spray

  • Brain Spray with Cognizin and Sensoril 

  • Helps regulate mood and combats anxiety 

  • Helps to improve cognitive function and memory 

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Tea Topia

Is a powerful heartfelt, labor of love that eases our body and also our mind with:

  • Energy- Natural Caffeine, B vitamins, and more

  • Dream OnMelatonin, Magnesium, and more

  • Happy Face- GABA, Vitamin D, Valerian Roots and more


  • Zen Focus- Natural Caffeine, Citicoline and more.

Brain Armor

This delivers DHA & EPA Omega-3s combined with MCT oil and Vitamin D & E to support structural brain health & cognitive performance at every stage of life.

DHA:EPA Omega-3s from Algal Oil (at a ratio of 2:1 DHA to EPA)

DHA is important for brain and eye development and function throughout life. It also supports heart health. DHA is the most abundant omega-3 in the brain and retina.

MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides), healthy saturated fats that are easily digested and utilized for energy. MCT is also utilized by our brain cell mitochondria to increase metabolic activity and increase production of cellular ATP.

Vitamin D plays a very important role in optimal brain function. Adequate Vitamin D status is vital to calcium channel regulation, neuroprotection and immunomodulation in the central nervous system.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. By reducing and mitigating oxidative stress, Vitamin E is vital to the health and metabolic efficiencies of brain cells.



Optimize your mind—queen bee style. B.LXR is the caffeine-free, nootropic fuel your brain craves to fight brain fog, hack productivity, and naturally support memory, focus, and energy.