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TBI One Love Survivor Elisbeth Hoyt

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

My name is Elsibeth Hoyt. My journey as a TBI survivor is uniquely authentic. I wrote my story and published a book titled: Snowbird that digs deep into my soul of reality. The day my accident occurred snowboarding after my fall no one realized the extent of damage so I drove home and was not examined for a month!

When I finally was examined I was so scared, confused and disoriented which coupled with medical staff misunderstanding and diagnosing me wrong I decided to make the best out of a difficult situation.  In and out of hospitals and recovery centers I shed light on feeling misunderstood and feeling lost in society. I have fought hard through the mental health side of TBI including depression, anxiety and occasional bipolar that is controlled with medication to stabilize me. I remain to fight the hard fight that I suffer from a brain injury and believe to be the woman I am destined to be! I truly value my life before and after the accident. I grew up privileged with faith, family and friends. If more TBI survivors could write their stories the world would better understand the life of an injured person. 

Running for Miss Oregon USA 6 months prior to my accident as well as on the Deans List and student government in college I hoped and believed anything is possible. Years later I have faith in God and myself to be used in this world to inspire young women with TBI to have healthy self esteem, confidence and fight for their dreams. It may look different than the previous injured self but believe in yourself. In 2013 I completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Oregon State University and attribute my accomplishments to my faith, support network and my persistent focus of finishing goals I set for myself. 

Thank you for letting me join this helpful community. I am very excited to learn more, and all of us be the change that is needed.

If you would like to learn more about my Journey, please click on my book to go directly to Amazon. Please select TBI One Love as Amazon Smiles.

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