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TBI One Love Survivor Daniel Franco

Hello, my name is Daniel Franco. My life immediately changed on June 10th of 2017 during a CBS Sports Network-Televised Main Boxing Event at the Winna Vegas Casino in Sloan Iowa after receiving a brutal knock down from the right hand near the temple.

Initially, it appeared as if I would be fine. I was alert moments later and was moved onto a stool so the ringside doctor could examine me. But it became clear all was not well and started to have a terrible headache while I was laying down on the mat. Next, I was put on a stretcher and taken from the ring to a waiting ambulance in minutes.

About a half hour later I was in surgery to relieve pressure my swelling brain, which was bleeding in two spots!

I was placed in a medically induced coma for more than two weeks. I survived surgery, but a severe infection nearly killed me. I suffered the kind of Traumatic Brain Injury that typically causes: death or, at the very least, severe permanent injuries.

I am extremely lucky because, nearly six months and four Brain surgeries later, I am still alive. I have the blessing of being able to care for himself! Luckily, I can talk, wake up in the morning, walk, text, healthy and hug my parents.

My mission now is to help fighters understand how Boxing is a dangerous sport and the impact of TBI’s. I started to attend Traumatic Brain Injury support groups, to meet others and know we are not alone!

I will work hard to finish my college education, because I still want to be able to live a mostly “normal” life even though my long-term career as a professional athlete is over.  

I'm doing pretty good so far I think. Even though I can't go running, at least not yet, and I used to be active every single day, but now I can't even go for a run to clear my mind, it's upsetting." "I can't drive a car yet. I feel like I'm a little kid. But I feel all right. I don't feel great, and I still get massive headaches. I notice that my speech is still slurred slightly, even though they say that should improve. I want to make a full recovery and be as complete as I can be, which will help inspire others and make a change!

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family!


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1 Comment

Lawson Hether
Lawson Hether
May 05, 2023

Truly inspiring but I also received a brain injury in 2020 and I have almost fully recovered besides my speech

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