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TBI One Love Survivor Nisrit Osman

Hello everyone! My name is Nisrit Osman. I am from Jersey City in NJ, I am a 24 year old sophomore in college studying cyber security.

In July of 2019 I was on my way to work at CVS when there was a high speed police chase in progress and I was a victim of a hit and run. Immediately went unconscious and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. I was in an induced coma for just about a month. I have no memory of waking up and no memory of the accident at all. A few weeks of being in the hospital after I woke up, I was transferred to an inpatient rehab facility, with my feeding tube still sticking out of me. There I had to re-learn how to walk, move my arms, speak, shower, eat and drink. It was a tough three months and after I came home I was unable to do most things on my own. It wasn’t until a year after the accident happened that I started going out alone again. Still, I wasn’t able to keep a job, wasn’t able to maintain any of my relationships, and by the skin of my teeth and so much added stress was able to pass two semesters of college.

But the third semester I couldn’t continue. Had 3 different jobs and couldn’t keep any for more than a few weeks. I joined the gym to build all the muscle I lost again, it wasn’t until I couldn’t even continue going to the gym when I knew something was wrong. After months of thinking I was losing my mind I was diagnosed with PTSD. Not only is having a traumatic brain injury hard enough to live with, I now have to learn to live with an anxiety based stress disorder. I’m getting treatment now and hopefully I will be able to have a successful life. It’s been almost 3 years since the accident and I have been fighting every single day. I will not give up because if it didn’t kill me, it is only making me stronger.

Thank you TBI One Love for all you do, allowing me to share my story, and for the first time honestly, me to say that I am a Survivor.

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