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TB One Love Survivor James Scott

Hello, my name is Tina and my son's name is James.

James turned 18 in 2015 graduated high school and almost lost his life on September 8th of 2015 he fell 22 feet through a roof while on his 3rd day of work. This was just a temporary position until he started college in the spring. He fractured his skull and shattered his spine in many areas. James brain injury was very severe and had to have a craniectomy to relieve pressure. James aspirated when he fell and his lung function was only 20 percent so we had to make the choice to put him on ECMO. He was on this for almost a month and became stable enough to have his back surgery.

The doctors don’t believe James will ever walk again but we really believe that it is up to him. James had a craniotomy on December 18th and on December 21st he went into cardiac arrest and took a stroke. James came through but not without complications. My son James is a true fighter I guess that is why we call them TBI Warriors!

James is now in a skilled facility he needs to be in a place with respiratory therapy we need to find a skilled facility to place him in until we get him well enough to move him to a rehab or bring him home. 

James is a survivor and he is a fighter like all of you!!

James is now 19 and let me tell you everyone that meets James falls in love with him and they never forget him!! James has a very long road ahead but I believe in my heart he is coming back to us!

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