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TBI One Love Michelle Owens

Hello, my name is Michelle.

I was 36 years old and I was driving to work one day when I had an accident, single vehicle.  Investigations show I swerved to miss something and then put the car into a spin and hit a gum tree.  Apparently it was raining heavily.  I was GCS 3 initially and then 4 for two weeks.  From there I slowly climbed up until 15, Over about 3 months.  I was then in a rehab ward where I underwent intense rehab for 6 months.  After then I was discharged home.  Here I continued outpatient rehab for a further 2 years.  My injury was in 2009 and it has completely changed my life as with everybody else that has suffered a TBI.  I am very passionate about spreading information about TBI as the public knowledge about it is so very poor!  I am a doctor working towards returning to practice again.  I have learnt so very much from this experience!

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