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TBI One Love Peter Lawryniuk

My name is Peter Lawryniuk. It's been 32 years since my bicycle/car accident. When I was 7 years old, I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle and I was in a coma for 11 days.

Some of the doctors thought that I might be like a vegetable for the rest of my life, not being able to do anything, except one doctor who thought positive and for that I thank him. Anyways, When I awoke from my coma, I needed to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, use my muscles all over again. It was just like I was starting out as if I were a baby again, learning everything including how to talk. I had a lot of therapy, physio therapy, speech therapy. A few years later, I started going horseback riding, sunrise riding for the disabled. I did private swimming lessons, played soccer, etc.

My father taught me to ride a bicycle again when I was 10 years old. However, sadly my father past away of a heart attack when I was 12, which left my mother to raise 3 children, me being the youngest and with a brain injury. It was challenging for her. It was really hard for me to lose my father and just before my teenage years. I had my ups and downs. A lot of downs, but my mother taught me to never give up, think positive not negative, every day is a new day and to look forwards and not backwards and to treat people nice and with respect.

She encouraged me to finish high school and graduate. I know volunteer and work at peekaboo childcare, I work for extend a family and volunteer at the YMCA. I can also drive a car. Sadly, my mother past away in 2012. I miss her lots but I will keep doing what she taught me. I wrote a song with help from my friend Bruce Mutton called Miracles which is about my accident and hospital stay when I was 7 years old. I dedicate the song to my mother because she never gave up on me even when times were tough. She was always there for me.

There are 2 other songs there called Life is like a storm, which is about a storm that's coming and how my life was like a storm growing up with a brain injury.

Also Olivia, which is about my God daughter Olivia. I wrote a song for her. Anyways here's the Miracles song, Life is like a storm and Olivia.

Thank you TBI One Love.

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