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TBI One Love Risa Buglio

Hello, my name is Risa.

My memory hasn't completely healed but I will tell you what I have been told or know of. In June 2013 I was in a tough motorcycle accident. The toughest injury was TBI. I was flown in medical helicopter to the hospital. I was in a coma for a few months. I don't remember any of this as you may realize but I've been told. I was the driver and the only person on the motorcycle. My back was broken too. The surgeries on the back went well it seems.

The scars have by now healed and gone away. I don't really know why but after some months I woke from the coma. After a little more time I was taught how and learned how and began to speak, walk, move around and a little more.

I'm very grateful to the few people in the hospital that went through and helped me be able to do those things. The psychological problems are still what I am trying to get through. I've been told that it is still called rehab and recovery. Several people that I was close to before the accident don't talk with me or see me anymore. I don't exactly know why since no one actually told me why but it is a bit sad. 

After awhile I was released from the hospital. I now live in a little house that my mom lives in.  Years ago before the accident I used to always make meaning scrapbooks to give as a present to people I was close to. Recently I have thought of making one for myself for the first time. I am thinking of making a page in it about my TBI story and getting through it. 

 I am still in rehab and recovery regarding my brain and emotion and all. I am trying to keep hope. I don't remember much from waking from the coma and learning to walk, talk, move and all but I think trying to keep hope is a good idea for me.

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