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TBI One Love Survivor Alexis Boucha

Hello my name is Ashley, I have a daughter name Alexis. Alexis is 12 years old, she was my sister’s kid until unfortunately she passed away from a bad wreck so I took her kid on around December 18th in 2013.

Alexis, went to Tennessee with a friend for her 12th birthday on Feb 11th in 2017. While i was working, got a call from my sister saying Alexis has fall out of a tree house that was 14 to 15 ft high in the air! This wasn't anyones fault! It happened due to Alexis's has poor balance!

She was air vac from memorial hosp to TN children host, which they did surgery on her head to put another shunt in.  This is her 4th one already! It will remind in her for as long as I know.. she didn't breath on her own was in coma for 48hrs and didn't wake up!

She didn't know where she was at or who i was. She can eating by mouth, but it left her wheelchair bound! I will be working hard with her to re train her to re teach her on my own as far as rehab we will be doing out patients or home therapy!

Either way it will help her out as right now she doesn't use the bathroom at all can't talk or walk at all. She will always be my baby girl, but i will be working with her next week or so.

she was already going to the OR room, where they told me that Alexis had bleeding in the head! The Doctors went ahead and put a stun to stop the bleeding. We were in the hospital for months not leaving her side! Alexis was on a vent to breath was on it for 5 months of her life she went to rehab inpatients for 7 months of her life! She couldn't speak, walk, sit up, or eat by mouth.

We are now 8 months out, and she still going to therapy. Alexis has a Severe TBI, which is also connected to her spinal cord injury. Recently Alexis had surgery on her spinal to fix the damage, she is such an inspiration that changed my life!

Please pray for my daughter! 

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