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TBI One Love Survivor Alisha Webb

Hello my name is Regina, and my Granddaughter is Alisha.

On February 4, 2009, my then 19-year-old granddaughter was in an auto accident when running late for her Spanish exam for college, she decided to not be wearing her seatbelt and when she was making a turn, her car slipped on black ice resulting with it going headfirst into an oncoming Sports Utility!

Alisha was then in a coma for a month suffered a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Doctors gave us little hope for her to come out of her coma and if she did, they felt she would have very little quality of life. Thankfully, God had a different plan.

As a nurse, I was accustomed to keeping notes. I felt compelled to turn those into a book to give others HOPE. The title is' It Only Took a Moment" available on, Kindle and Barnes & Nobel. I am spending my time promoting the book, making others aware of TBI, telling them that every 13 seconds someone has a Brain Injury. I make $4.57 per book, and donate a portion to the University of Pittsburgh for research and to help others with a brain injury. This has become my mission in life.

Like many, her recovery has not been easy. Full of setbacks, disappointments and tears.

With the love and prayers of family, friends and strangers, Alisha has made what the medical community call a Miraculous Recovery!


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