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Hello, my name is Amanda.

My TBI occurred when I was a passenger in a car accident coming home from a date, that took place on August 7th in 2015. it was late at night and we were driving home, when out of nowhere a deer jumped in front of the truck and we didn't have time to hit the brakes, which caused us to swerve around and hit a tree!

The next step was that, I was airlifted and had a large gash in my head. After 4 days I was released from the hospital because I was not insured. Later down the road, I called a neurologist because my headaches were starting to be non-stop and also horrible, causing me also to not remember the first three months of me being home! The neurologist had tests run, which resulted with me being told that I had two aneurysms. Out of these two aneurysms, the one on the right side was 3mm and the one on my left was 5mm. I was also told I have 3rd nerve palsy that's the third cranial nerve that operates your eye and how my pupil was blown, which is why the reason I could not open my eye at that time was due to the third nerve palsy, but the aneurysms have recently closed up thank God and my eye has reopened!

I still cannot fully functional and I am now legally blind in my right eye, but my brain quit hurting finally and everything else started. Since my accident, I have had knee surgery the accident retriggered an old ACL injury also I have 4 bulging discs in my neck with flattening of my spinal cord, my jaw was fractured 4 times and now they think I might have vertigo.

 So with that being said, I am very thankful that I am a survivor and I thank God for it daily! He saved me for a reason, I believe God is rebuilding me for a great purpose I could say why me, but he pics his strongest to face things like this because he knows we'll rise as warriors! I'm very thankful to all that prayed for me, my family and all the friends that helped.

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