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TBI One Love Survivor Anne Jones

Hello I would like to share my story concerning my brain injury. It's been an incredibly steep hill battle, but I'm conquering my obstacles and illness.

I've been told I may not get better and need to go into a nursing home. I was 46 years old when I had my accident. I supposedly had a stroke in March of 2016 at 47 and seizures had become a huge problem for me. I refused a nursing home. I knew I would not get better if I went in a nursing home, I would have given up on getting better. Thanks to support and love from friends, family, and my determination. It's been extremely hard. It's been heart breaking to have to postpone your goals and or set new goals and learn to be a new me.

My TBI, believe it or not has been a blessing. I've always been a good soul, but often overlooked my gifts, how people took advantage or mistreated me. I learned to stop allowing it. I learned to stop letting others affect my happiness. I've had so little help with therapy for my injuries, getting help seemed hopeless. So, I told myself, I'd do my best to make myself better,by researching information to improve my injuries.

I downloaded apps for cognitive therapy. I also did a lot of my own physical therapy. I joined TBI support groups.I learned so much from others experiences they shared about their TBI. I was so angry with Drs and government agencies because,either they didn't know how to help me or didn't believe me or didn't take the time to try. Also, discovered there is very little known or resources for TBI in Arkansas and the Rest of the world. I was so hurt by people who walked out of my life, when I needed them most, either because they didn't believe me, didn't care, I wasn't useful to them anymore, or just didn't know anything about TBI to try and understand.

Fortunately,there are people in my life from my past and new people in my life that have shown support, love, concern, and inspirAtion to me,because many took the time to learn about TBI, and to get to know the new me. I'm so grateful for life, love of friends, family, and Drs who actually care to help.I'm also, grateful for those who left my life, because it showed me, I deserve only the best for me! Thank you to all who helped me get better and become a better, more positive and loving person.

We really need to spread awareness of TBI. So little is known. I will do my best to help. Thank you for allowing me to tell my story!

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