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TBI One Love Survivor Asad Malik

Updated: Jan 27

Hello everyone, my name is Asad Malik and I am a TBI survivor from Pakistan. I now live in Dallas Texas.

It’s a very long story, but on October 7th 2018 I got in a deathly automobile accident in Sialkot – Pakistan. From my accident, I got a TBI, paralyzed, memory loss, could not speak, & I lived in a COMA for almost 3 months.

My blessed brothers who live in: Austria – Europe & My brother in law: Dubai – UAE visited Pakistan after hearing about my accident. They both lived with me during my COMA time in Doctors Hospital, Lahore - Pakistan till my discharge time.

Then I came back to USA with my brother on a wheelchair as my following body parts were PARALYZED unfortunately: right hand, right foot and I could not speak at all.

I got BOTOX injections in USA so I stand up from wheelchair & start walking but very carefully. Even today I still believe that my right hand, right foot & mouth to speak are 50% paralyzed!

I couldn’t speak in the first one year after my Coma so then I kept starting to talk but not fluently.

Before accident, I was a DIRECTOR for Procurement & Sales for a Dallas Non-Profit organization. We worked for Federal & State USA Government.

I really know one reason of my TBI accident to get more close to ALLAH (GOD) which I am trying my best by leaving my sins. Please remember me in your prayers .

Thank you TBI One Love for all you do for us survivors and the education you provide.

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