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TBI One Love Survivor Ashley Bouchard

Hello, my name is Ashley. My daughter is also a TBI One Love Family member, her name is Alexis. 

When I was a baby around 6 months I was rushed to the hospital, then air vacced to ST Louis ssm, which is Cardinal Glennon Children's. CGC had to do sugary on my head, since I had frontal lobe damage on the left side of my head. This damage left me with seizures, learning disability, and I have movement problems like rocking back n fourth along with ADD ADHD. Because of my Injury, I also have a problem with solving problems of ANY format, counting money, and I also have Inventory jerks.

I must wear glass to see I have speech problems I have been though a lot between MRI CT getting bone scan the seizures meds I was on which it was carbamazepine 200 mg xr they took me off b/c it can cause me long term health problems but lucky I’m seizures free for 7 years... the tumor that was in my head it was AVM which is arteriovenous malformation blood vessel I can see talk walk eat even though it left me problems not out of water yet anything can pop up... 

I’m on the borderline of Autism so, I want to share my story to everyone and help make a difference for those who have dealt with this!

at 17 years old, I had a tumor in my right knee which is a AVM same thing in my head they took it out it left me with numbness in my knee I can't feel nothing above it or below it wasn't cancer so that good to hear I been though a lot in my life ... 

Thank you for letting my daughter and I share our stories and join such a supportive family! Please pray for us!

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