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TBI One Love Survivor Austin Aceves

Hello, my name is Alejandra Cortez and my boyfriend is Austin Aceves.

This is Austin Aceves' story. He was in a terrible motorcycle accident on the morning of September 4th 2015.

The accident was in Yucaipa, CA where he lives and has grown up his whole life. From witness accounts, he was not speeding or driving erratically. He was just a new motorcycle owner, buying it brand new off the showroom floor just 6 weeks prior to the accident, and he just lost control of his bike and laid it down in a curve and slid into oncoming traffic where he hit a car head on. He was then thrown into the other lane where his head was ran over by a truck.

Austin is such a kind-hearted young man who is loved and admired by many. There are not many 22 year olds out there like him, his drive and determination in life are beyond words and his character beyond reproach. On August 28th 2015, he celebrated his 22nd birthday, you only had to spend five minutes talking with him to know he was headed for success. He was in school studying business to be an entrepreneur and planned to spend the next year traveling and experiencing life to its fullest.

Then in an instant everything changed. On September 4th, 2015 (only a week after celebrating his 22nd birthday) we received the horrendous news that he was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident and that the outcome would likely be grave. Nothing in life ever prepares you for this type of news and surely no father, mother, brother, or girlfriend is emotionally equipped to handle a situation like this. For the friends and family of Austin Aceves, time has stood still since that dreaded afternoon.

Austin suffered a very traumatic brain injury in his accident, but miraculously there were no other injuries, not even a broken bone. He only had one fractured bone in his foot. Unfortunately, all the damage and trauma was to his head. He was in a coma in critical condition in the ICU in the great care of everyone at Loma Linda University Medical Center for the first 6 weeks. It wasn't until 4 months into his coma, where we started seeing changes, movement, noises, and Austin FINALLY opening his eyes. 

It's been a year and five months since his accident, Austin still does not follow commands. But he looks around, "smiles," yawns, sneezes, and moans. He has come a long way!

He's no longer ventilated, he got rid of his trache during summer, and breathes completely on his own with no assistance! Every day is progress! His family and girlfriend NEVER give up hope for the day Austin "wakes up."

We appreciate all the support and endless prayers! 

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