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TBI One Love Survivor Austin Pomares

Hello. My Name is Kim and I am Austin Pomares Mom.

Austin is 23years old. On Aug 15,2017 Austin got into a fight and was taken to Duncan Regional Hospital to get checked on, for any facial breaks and what they found would forever change Austin and our life's, which was a Brain Tumor!

He was immediately transport from Duncan hospital to OU Medical Neuroscience ICU where he underwent Brain surgery three days later. With Dr. Sughrue as his neurosurgeon. The Tumor was in the center of the Brain wrapped around the brain stem. It was very large. Just bigger than a baseball.

He spent the next 5wks on life support fighting for his life... A total of 7 and half weeks in ICU. After about 6weeks we finally found out that in was Stage 2 Ependymal, which is a very rare type of Brain Cancer. Only 1.9% of people that have Brain cancer has this type.

So, rare that other than removal they really are not sure what is the best treatment. Thankfully they removed all of Austin’s. But he has lost all his muscle memory. which mean he has had to begin again learning Everything that requires a muscle. including even opening his eye lids...

Austin still has a very Long road ahead and We are still not sure of all the effects because Austin has still not learned how to speak yet. But he can write a little and still seems to be able to spill. We do not have insurance so his Dad and I are being only care takers and Rehab.

Austin is a miracle and He is a Fighter and True soldier of God. Thank you for letting us tell our story. God bless!

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