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TBI One Love Survivor Barb George

Hello, my name is Ms. Barb George. My life changed 13 years ago when I was 'head butted' by my daughters horse... full tilt, as fast as a horse can shake its head... 6 months later I had another accident in the ring with the horses and that complicated everything else (I was obviously not healed from the first accident). 

 Both times I lost consciousness for unknown amounts of time.   I have 'boxers brain' (moderate brain injury) but no surgery. I was the photographer in the family. 

I was 45 at the time of the accident, self-employed (doing very well) and had just moved to the area of SW WA state.  We had a small farm and a combined family with four kids.  We now have 4 kids (and two kids-in-love, our sons in laws) and 6 grandkids. 

I have fought to come back since everything was mainly 'hidden' I got very little help.  My husband, who traveled out of country for work was unaware that I needed any therapies or help, but I should have. 

I was very isolated (8 miles up a mountain) and unable to drive for 18 months due to the onset of seizures. It has been a slow but worthwhile recovery.

I have been an advocate for several years and lead an active support group that serves all Western WA state on the coast.  We relocated to Hoquiam WA 6 yrs. ago and that has made a huge difference. 

I am no longer so isolated and am actually back to work recently!  It is not nearly the high-pressure occupation that I had before and certainly not the income, but I am thrilled to be assisting others with disabilities to get back to work! I created and run a Different-Abilities Walk, Roll & Stroll 4 yrs. ago and we have a wonderful time with folks of all ages. 

Thank you for letting me join this supportive and helpful family!

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