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TBI One Love Survivor Brandon Jones

My 19-yr old son, Brandon Jones suffered a traumatic brain injury on July 28th, 2016. He fell asleep while driving home with his fiancé and hit a tree.

He suffered severe head trauma and his fiancé only suffered some bumps and bruises. He was saved by an incredible neurosurgeon and minute by minute then day by day beat all odds against him. He was in a coma then induced coma while on life support for several weeks following his accident.

Had several surgeries including having his skull plate removed and placed in his stomach. That was replaced 3 weeks’ post-accident. He was released 5 weeks and then to inpatient rehab for 5 weeks. He is in a minimal conscious state but in the final stages.

We brought him home and have cared for him ourselves and progress has been nothing but amazing. We are always excited to see the things he does and remembers.

Although not vocal yet he responds with thumbs up and shaking his head! Going to be a long road, but I see good things as we move forward.

Thank you for letting us join this Family and share his story!

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