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TBI One Love Survivor Bre'Achsa Brunson

Hello, my name is Bre’Achsa Brunson and I am a TBI survivor. 

I have actually coped now with confessing this statement. More importantly, I recently met a milestone of my life. I graduated May 6, 2017 from the University of Central Arkansas located in Conway, AR!

I was originally supposed to graduate in May 2016 but I was in a very bad automobile accident that occurred on March 27th of 2016 and prevented me from finishing on time.  I only had 4 weeks of school left but I could finish now and walk across that stage with my bachelors of Business Administration degree. At my university, I joined Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. for lifelong and was a member of the UCA honeybear dance team since my freshmen year! 

No, I cannot dance or move in any way like I used to because I am physically disabled now. My doctor recently told me that they did not know if I was going to live or die and that I am a miracle. My best way to describe my condition and how I feel is that it is like a genius brain trapped inside of a baby's body with half of the baby's brain because I know how do things but at the same time do not know how. I am aware but unaware.

I am having to relearn nearly everything, relearn how to walk, talk, eat, speak, bathe, use the restroom, add, subtract, count etc. At times, I think I am stupid. It feels that I have developed down syndrome or something. I am mentally disabled/not as smart as I used to be but still have some of my smartness in me if you understand what I am saying. I am a "baby genius."

My memory and motions are highly damaged. I always have to rely on someone. I feel like a burden. I was certainly not like this at all at first. I was a star dancer on the "honeybear" dance team at my university coming up with hip hop routines and I was very well known in my sorority serving as the Vice President also making up Greek shows as the step master. Besides all of the assets to my life, just in general, I am a phenomenal person. For this condition to come on me is baffling. It is similar to the occurrence of Micheal Jackson's out of the blue shocking death to the world. I never expected this to come on me. 

I do not remember anything from my accident. I just remember waking up from sleep one day and I was surrounded by white walls (hospital walls). The white walled room I found out was the Baptist health rehab room. I kept closing and reopening my eyes trying to wake up because I thought I was still dreaming. Then, life just started going on when I opened them for the last time. My brain was just making me think that I was still dreaming. This dream feeling lasted for 2 months. Come to find out, I was in ICU for 3 weeks on life support but I do not remember anything at all being in ICU. My pop told me that I was interacting with my numerous amounts of visitors every day. The thing is, I do not even know how I was interacting or exactly who came to visit. So, my senses did not start coming back until 3 weeks after the accident when I woke up in rehab. I did not even know that brain injuries existed until I obtained one and began learning about it in rehab over the summer. 

Yes, over the summer. I did not get a 21-year-old summer. This makes me laugh! I am 22 years of age now. This dark event occurring at this young stage of my life is depressing. I am young. All the dreams that I was determined to make come true and goals that I planned to reach at 21 did not happen. 

There are those hard days that come that make me ask God why did He not just let me die instead of preserving my life but then He lifts me on rock that is higher than I when I am overwhelmed by my life now and then I stop asking the question because my Joy and Hope is restored by Him right when I want to give up. 

Even though I still lack in the physical and mental area, I am alright. I get well day by day. This phase of my life shall pass and be a faint memory one day. In spite of not having all the assets to my life anymore, star abilities, etc. I believe that everything that happens is meant to happen.

I know that God has something infinity times better for me than what I have lost. It is only a matter of time until it comes. It may not seem like it but that accident has made me into a better human being. Me graduating college while having a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is beyond magnificent!

I am blessed. There is a greater purpose for me in this life than what I have always thought!

TBI One Love, thank you for allowing me to join this helpful Family!

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