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TBI One Love Survivor Brenda Diaz

Hello, my name is Gloria and my daughter is Bredna.

On March 31 of 2012,  I received that horrible call no parent wants to hear. My 16 year old daughter was in a car accident. I live 2 hours away from where the accident happened and driving over to see her felt eternal.

She was admitted into UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital, where I arrived and was told my daughter had just got out of surgery. Doctors had to do emergency surgery because she has a hemorrhage in her brain, that was causing her brain to swell. Doctors gave me the worse case scenario. My daughter was not going to make it. If she did she would not be able to walk, talk, or eat. She would be a vegetable.

She was in coma for 2 weeks and was connected to so many different machines. On April 19, 2012,  she was sent to Healthbridge Children’s Hospital where she did her rehabilitation. With the help of all the wonderful therapists and doctors, my daughter learned to talk, walk and eat again. She went through a lot of brain storming. She did not know my name let alone know who I was. She had lost her memory and didn’t recognize family, friends or a lot of the things we use today that we all take advantage of.

With faith in God, love, time, patience and repetition she started to slowly remember little things here and there. After a couple months she was able to remember who I was. My daughter has right side weakness, left facial droopiness, right vision field cut, right foot drop, her tongue deviates to the right, she had a feeding tube and trach. She was discharged from rehab three months later on July 5, 2012.

10 months after her accident she was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. She now depends on a shunt that helps drain excessive fluid in her brain. Just recently she was also diagnosed with traumatic Epilepsy and non Epilepsy seizures. Brenda has gone through really bad moments but she has also had great moments as well. 

Thanks to God and the prayers from everyone she continues to show progress. With faith anything is possible!

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