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TBI One Love Survivor Bryan Kisinger

Hello my name is Ms. Ronda Kissinger, my son Bryan sustained a TBI. It was on August 9th of 2015 that the day our world literally turned upside down.  Our youngest son Bryan, then 22 years old had gone to Austin, TX to visit a friend for the weekend and was not expected home until later that evening.  It was a Sunday morning and my husband and I were still asleep when around 9 am the doorbell rang and it was the local Police Department.  We were informed that Bryan had been in an automobile accident and was in the hospital at John Peter Smith in Ft. Worth and we needed to call there ASAP. 

I called JPS and they told us Bryan was brought in and was somewhat combative and was placed in a medical coma on a ventilator for his protection.  We left for the 2-hour drive to Ft. Worth and were told that they thought he had just gotten his "bell rung pretty good".  Over the next couple of days, we went through every emotion and were told so many things from making decisions to continuing life support to well, let’s wait and see.  We were finally told after a couple of days that he had a diffuse axonal and an anoxic brain injury and the prognosis was poor but not hopeless.

Backup just a bit.  Bryan had decided to come home early and was traveling a 2-lane highway that is dark and not heavily traveled at night, but it's the fastest route.  According to DPS they believe he swerved to miss a deer (the deer are bad in this spot) and lost control of his car and went sideways then airborne landing wheels down on top of a 6-7-foot chat pile for road construction.  He had apparently been there for a while before he was found because his motor was cold. 

It took 45 minutes to extract him from the car because the rescue workers were slipping on the chat.  Once they got him out of the car he coded (lost pulse) and CPR was performed, he quickly recovered.  He was then loaded on a helicopter for the ride to Ft. Worth (he was only 45 minutes or so from home) and coded again on the helicopter and CPR was performed for 25 minutes.  Hence the Anoxic brain injury.

When he left JPS after nearly a month he was sent to a long term acute care hospital in our county and there he stayed for a month.  The lead doctor there told me there was no hope, that 1/3 of his brain was gone and I should put him in a nursing home with hospice care.  Just before she walked in to tell me that, his therapists all told me to keep pushing and fighting, that they saw something there.  He was discharged the next day to a skilled nursing facility.  At the SNF they were very excited to work with him and did get him off the trach after one week however; as a lot of brain injured patients do he began yelling out a lot.  So, the therapies dwindled and I was asked to find alternative placement for him as his hollering was scaring the elderly in the nursing home. 

July 13, 2016, I brought him home to care for him full time by myself.  I did start the process of outpatient therapy immediately and he began therapies with them in October 2016.  He did get a Baclofen pump and recently started Botox for his high tone. His peg has been removed as he eats everything that won't eat him and does well with liquids.  He has even gained nearly 20 pounds!  He does require total care...for now    He has severe aphasia but understands and responds appropriately to everything.  He has done so well with the limited therapies available that the therapy team has recommended aggressive inpatient therapy.  We are hoping that the end of MAY 2017 this is accomplished. 

We are grateful to the TBI One Love Family for accepting us with open arms! Thank you for letting us join this Family!

Love and Hugs, Bryan & Mom

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