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TBI One Love Survivor Cameron Smith

Hello, my name is Ashley Bouchard. I am also a TBI One Love Family Member along with my Daughter Alexis, but my son Cameron on May 7th, 2017 asked me to go out with his buddy of course I said yes! Then around 7 15 pm on that night, I got a knock on my door saying my son was in a bad wreck where he was thrown 20 ft. from the car and was found on other side of the road just after he had turned 14 years old!

When he arrives at the hospital, he stops breathing and they had to do CPR to bring him back! The next step was on Monday 8th he had parts of his skull removed. Cameron was in a coma for 24 hrs., but then he woke up that afternoon (Mon the 8th) at 3 45pm.

When he woke up he didn't know what happen or why he in the hospital. Cameron was only able to shake his head no or yes to the Dr. The next step was On Tues the 9th, he had sugary, on his eye socket bones to fix where they had broken so his eyes are cover today at 8 15 pm he had sugary on his spleen he broke it in 3 place Dr has told me that he will have Trauma seizures he has slur speech his Ct scan come back today he has c6 spinal cord injury will not walk will be wheelchair bound... he will face more things head of him Dr did x ray of his lungs to see if they are damage Dr say he lucky to be alive!

Our Family is very happy to be a part of this community, please continue to pray for us!

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