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TBI One Love Survivor Cameron Taliga

Hello, my name is Catherine lambe. My son Cameron, sustained his TBI on July 17,2016. Cameron, his brothers, and my life was drastically changed after his father, Misipope Taliga caused traumatic blows to Cameron's head!

At the age of 5 Cameron was hospitalized for two months. He was on life support for two and a half weeks and was in the hospital for two and a half months! As He fought for his life, me as a mother, has had a constant battle with the state fighting for my children. When traumatic situations happen, the state gets involved and removes the children out of the home from a non-offending parent.

Cameron's brothers were not able to see him for a month and a half and even now probably only sees them for a couple hours per week. Sometimes we must embrace what's happened.

I spent sleepless nights while my son fought hard at the hospital. He had to do physical, speech, and occupational therapy.

Cameron was a very lucky boy to survive this. He hasn't lost his smile, his laughter and he defied all odds of what the doctors were saying. They said that it would cause him to have mood swings and he hasn't changed his attitude towards life. He's a brilliant little boy, since he can not only walk but he can also put himself in the craziest positions! He is a survivor of both Traumatic Brain Injury as well as Domestic Violence.

Life is precious, we don't know how fast our lives can change! Thank you for allow us to join this helpful Family!

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