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TBI One Love Survivor Carsten Jackson

Hello, Our Son's name is Carsten Jackson and on July 21st in 2012 is a day we will never forget!

Carsten ( at the age of two years old), was struck by a distracted driver (who was on the phone while driving) out in front of our home! His fall back on the concrete resulted in a Sever Traumatic Brain Injury (STBI).

Drs prepared us for the worse with our boy stating he will never walk, talk, breathe on his own. They stated He would never open His Eyes because the part of His Brain that was injured was very close to the Brain Stem, and the part that a baby is born with that is the "start" of the Brain. This area controls, the Body Temperature, Secretions, Eye opening and basic movements of a new born. 

Every movement he made at the hospital was a "Muscle spasm" from lifting his hands to his little yawn. My husband and I never gave up hope!

Carsten is still considered to be in a coma. Stage 3-4 on the Rancho scale. It will not be until He is more repetitive with His movements and efforts that he can be considered "awake". Every day is a new day!

His Eyes are open, breathing on his own, tried his very very best and took his first step, but once again that took a lot out of him. With a Brain Injury every step forward comes with a little push back and it makes it a little harder to retake that step again. Our boy is trying. Trying hard every single day. To learn more about Carsten's journey, please visit:

We have nothing but faith in his recovery and will continue to pray for our boy and every person out there suffering from a Brain Injury!

Thank you for letting us join this helpful Family! We look forward to learning more from each of you! 

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