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TBI One Love Survivor Celera Malanka

Hello, my name is Celera Malanka. During my childhood is when my life started to change drastically due to continuous head injuries.

Starting at a young age, I suffered from abuse as a child, from 2 abusive brothers. I was pushed around constantly!

By the age of 6, I had already sustained 3 concussions and as I got older while playing sports and hitting my head only it made it much worse!

During that time, I always was in 2 car accidents and got additional concussions from them. By adding these on to my already difficult life style, it only continued to be making my life a lot harder than it should’ve been.

I was diagnosed with Glass Jaw Syndrome (GJS), just like Mike Tyson, which means even a slight bump to the head would give me a concussion!

As of now, I’m doing okay. But, where my concussions are is the same part of the Brain that develops mood.

So honestly, I have been severely depressed, developed ADHD and anxiety from my head injuries. Which as of April-May 2017 led to being hospitalized from an overdose attempt of Suicide. I am getting better though.

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family, I am excited to learn more and work together.

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