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TBI One Love Survivor Charisse Dirr

On February 29th, 2004, I was drinking some cheap wine at my “then” boyfriends house. I received a phone call, from my then best friend that she was home and we could come around and fetch her. On the walk, there, drink youngsters that we were, decided it would be a good idea to play chicken, but within seconds that is when my life changed forever!

When it was my turn to play, I went out and got hit by a BMW, flew over the car and landed on my back! I immediately sat up, and must've felt dizzy because I fell backwards and hit the ball of my head on the road, which caused my Brain to shift forward causing a frontal lobe injury.

At the hospital, they decided to induce me into a medical coma to relieve the swelling. I was stopped getting coma medicine after three days and I was supposed to wake up, but I didn't for another 9 days. I was in a coma for 12 days, 3 of which were induced.

I have absolutely no memory of ANY of this at all, but luckily I only know what I've been told. I don't remember the accident, the hospital, and I don't remember the beginning bits of recovery.I was told that, the Doctors told my family that I would be wheel chair bound, and might have lost one of my senses due to the placing of my Brain Injury.

My sister and mother both taught me to walk and eat all over again (unfortunately I am unable how offer say advise in this area as I have no memory of it), but now I am walking and talking and eating with no issues now.

Some of the changes are that II don't have a sense of smell, but I can taste, my memory is shocking, and my sense of time is off. Other than that, I'm happy and find it helps me to take the piss out of myself!

I try to help and offer advice to fellow Survivors where I can, if any of you need to talk to someone please don't hesitate to contact me on Facebook! I will try my hardest to help as best as I can!!

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