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TBI One Love Survivor Chase Cipriano

Hello my name is Chase.

I was in a car accident, 5 miles from home, trying to avoid a deer on a quiet road in Cleburne, Texas. On 11.21.11, the Monday before thanksgiving. I crashed my dad's truck into a fence and pole trying to miss the deer, ended up over correcting and, BAM! Met the pole. I crashes roughly around 10:30pm Sunday night, across from the only church on the road, was not found until about 6:30am Monday morning, they are thinking.

I was then air lifted by careflite helicopter to Harris methodist hospital in downtown Fort Worth. Was given a G-tube, to get food into me, and a man, who I ended up working with post accident,  gave me a tracheotomy, for breathing,  was in that hospital for 5 weeks, nearly 3 of those weeks, I was in a coma, part medically induced. Then I was transferred to Baylor hospital in Dallas.

There I was part of BIR, Baylor institute of Rehabilitation. Was there for about a month,  on January 18th I was able to get myself in CNS, center for neuro skills, where I was for 9 months, where I met amazing individuals and heard stories, am still friends with them.  It's been a struggle but I wouldn't change it.

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