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TBI One Love Survivor Chris Schilling

  Hello, my name is Chris.

On June 8th 2012 I went for a motorcycle ride with some friends one night up little Cottonwood Canyon here in Utah and on our way back down I laid my bike over and then fell down a 30 ft. cliff into the river next to the road where as a result I ended up drowning.  I was riding behind my friends in the Canyon, but unfortunately they did not realize that I was not behind them anymore until they made it to the bottom of the canyon. My friend once the second they noticed they proceeded to come back up the Canyon, but were only able to find my bike laying down on the side of the road with me no where to be found at first, but once they looked down the cliff they were able to find me in the water.

My friends immediately called for help, so that way I was air lifted to the hospital resulting with a broken collar bone and also a broken foot, so bad that it was just dangling by just the tendons and the skin. I was then put in an induced coma for 2 months and about lost my lower left leg up to my knee, but my surgeon said he wanted to take a look at it before and was thankfully able to save it.

 Even though I was wearing a helmet the fumbling and the coma played a big roll in why my brain is now the way it is. The Doctors told everyone that, I may not ever be able walk again unassisted unless I worked really hard to come back even though I’m not fast and hobble, but I am walking by myself as a result as you can see from my photo. I may have frequent rest breaks, be sore at the end of the day, but the best thing is that I am up! 

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