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TBI One Love Survivor Christina Graham

Hello, my name is Christina. My life changed immediately when, I got into my car accident on April 12, 2017.

I don't remember my accident and my son was in the car and got a broken collar bone. He held my I had blood on my hands and he tried to wake me up and I couldn't wake up!

He said there was a Deer in the road that I tried to miss and hit a tree on the side I the side where I was driving. I had to air lifted to a Hospital where they have trauma. My 6-year-old son was brought to another hospital.

I had two surgeries with my broken jaw and broken left femur where they had to put a rod and screws in my leg and plates and screws in my face. I couldn’t breathe on my own. I was in a coma for 16 days. I left that hospital and went to rehab was there for a few hours and had to go back to the hospital where I had bleeding in my stomach so the next day I had surgery on my stomach to stop the bleeding. Went back to rehab and was there for a month recovering.

I had a feeding tube where I had it for the whole month. My teeth were wired so I had to do puree food and when they took if out still had to have puree food until I left rehab. First real meal that I had was the day I was going home and almost chocked on the bacon that I stared to chew I had to take it out of my mouth. All I lived off was mash potatoes with gravy. I couldn’t go to the bathroom alone. I couldn’t go anywhere without someone and a belt around me holding me.

I had to learn to walk and talk aging. Getting to walk aging was very hard and I get so tired that I rather be back into bed. All I wanted to do is sleep. I get so tired at 8:30 pm and wanted to go to bed but I had to wait for my meds to go to bed. I was so happy to leave but had to stay at my parent’s house for two months because the Doctor didn’t want me to be alone. I have gotten a brain injury, so I have short term memory loss and forget a lot. I was finally able to go home to my own house and since I couldn’t work I just laid in bed all day.

Took my son to school and picked him up from the bus stop. I didn’t want to anything. I hate cooking now, so I don’t cook a lot just easy stuff for my son and I. I try to do little by little but when I really do something, and I want to do more. I can’t be driving without a license driver and take a test in April to see if I can drive alone aging. I’m hoping this is my last visit a rehab. I hate driving two hours away for it.

I am however, missing the ability to be driving even tho I am still scared a little. But, I must do it as a single mother!

 My family some of them don’t get me and don’t talk to me. When I’m being truthful I start being mean in I don’t care attitude. I’m only allowed to work twice a week for four hours and I’m getting better.

I just want my life back as much as possible!

Thank you for letting me join this helpful Family!


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