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TBI One Love Survivor Cody Ziemkowski

Hello, my name is Colleen and Cody is my son.

On June 7th 2014 Cody was on a bicycle ride with his dad they decided to stop at the local ramp Park. As his dad taught him how to carefully go up and down the smallest ramp that they had the inevitable happened.

With all the right conditions he went over the top of the handlebars hitting the left frontal lobe of his head onto the pavement. No he did not have a helmet on which in this case would have made things unfortunately more difficult once the doctors reenacted the situation. As time was becoming a ticking bomb a phone call home to have them picked up was made upon arrival within 2 minutes it was determined he needed to go to the hospital just to be checked out thinking that it was only a broken nose and maybe a concussion. Upon arriving at the Urgent Care which is only minutes from the house the injury that he sustained were completely not what we expected.

When he had his CT of the head to see what was going on they found a brain bleed a fractured soul a crushed orbital crushed nasal cavity and a few fractures in the face. Since he was only eight at the time his size allowed them to capture a little bit more than they expected and they found out that he broke the C2.

Now this is when things got really crazy because at this point as all the new developments began to unfold he started to throw up blood which then led us to the scariest points as information was coming out of the doctors and nurses. He was still conscious at this time even though he was trying to go to sleep we kept in simulated enough to comprehend what was going on. Immediately he was going to a trauma center and being transported via ambulance because it would be the quickest way at this point due to weather conditions. From that point we were transported and the chaos begins in a new environment to which we were not familiar with.

They had to keep an eye on the brain bleed and see what they were going to do but a craniotomy with schedules as well as having a plate put in and screws. A Halo could not be used for the recovery of the c2 injury because there was so much damage to the head that they had nothing to mount it to. This meant we were in a neck brace praying constantly that one wrong move or a fall or something happening wouldn't do more damage. He became known as Superman because he attained the same injury as Christopher Reeve but for whatever reason he was walking, talking and did not need to be a vent.

After Hospital stay in the ICU he was sent home to finish recovery and try to pick up the pieces of what has just occurred. Cody has been on the news and went Nationwide with his story with Fox.

He was interviewed and asked to be interviewed multiple times to get his story out about helmet awareness. He does have a Facebook page called helmets for Cody that anyone can go to.

Thank you TBI One Love for all you are helping make possible.

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