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TBI One Love Survivor Corbin Raymond


My name is Sadie Raymond, and I am the mother of Corbin Raymond.

Corbin sustained his brain injury, after he was seriously injured in a car accident on July 4, 2018 when his friends and him were planning a fun day of tubing down the river.

Corbin was rushed to concord hospital where it took a while to stabilize him and then he was rushed into surgery. We were told he had a severe head trauma and bleeding in his abdomen. They were going to operate but couldn’t give me many answers because they had to open him up to find out the extent of his injuries. When they came out of the OR they basically told us it was catastrophic and he would not recover because of the brain injury. Shortly after a doctor came out and said a few things had changed. They were seeing some positive signs of brain activity. Luckily Corbin has a family member (Paul Raymond) who has been our and Corbin’s life saver. He is in the medical field and suggest we get him flown to Boston Children’s Hospital because it is a level 1 trauma hospital and would be best equipped to treat Corbin. Within an hour the helicopter was there and he was airlifted to Boston where he immediately underwent two more surgeries.

After being released his next steps were rehabilitation.

His OT, PT, and Speech have been going great. I got to see him everyday so sometimes it’s hard to see the improvement but his short term memory has improved 10 fold since we’ve been home. Everything else is improving as well. He’s become much more independent with his daily activities.

He wore a heart monitor for a weekend and we met with a cardiologist who said everything looks fine. It’s just his blood pressure dropping and from what he says it’s very common with adolescent and he should out grow it. The issue is he’s now overly cautious and won’t get out of the car or do anything unless he has to. Something else we’re working on.

I spent time consulting with the school, the tutor, neuropsychologist, his primary care and ever other person I think could be helpful and have come to the decision that CORBIN WILL GRADUATE WITH HIS CLASS of 2019! He’s so excited and will hopefully be participating with some school activities but will continue tutoring at home for now.

Now up to speed Corbin as of 2019, has been Coach for the Valley All Star team at the Harlem Wizards, successfully moving forward to reach his own dreams and has a book that has been published to share his story, give you hope, teach something and also give us a voice to help others. The book is titled: 121 days, please click image below.

We can’t express enough thanks for, everyone’s thoughts, prayers and kind words for Corbin. Along with everything Boston Children’s Hospital has done for him. It’s really unbelievable and we knew he was in the best hands here!

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