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TBI One Love Survivor Courtney Mould

My name is Courtney, I sustained my TBI during the winter of 2014. I ended up falling and hitting my head pretty hard on hardwood flooring, which caused bleeding inside my head. The TBI caused an Acquired Injury called an Anoxic Brain Injury because I stopped breathing for a period of time.

I was in a coma for a few weeks, but when I woke up I was not the same person who I was prior. It's very frustrating to look at old pictures of myself with old friends, to be in the present and not have many friends at all. I think that has been the hardest part of my recovery, not having my friends anymore!

Learning how to talk and walk again seems like a walk in the park compared to coping to losing friends honestly.

I participate in Adaptive Sports which helps me out a lot!

I'd recommend it for anyone with a brain injury. Thank you for reading my story!

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