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TBI One Love Survivor Dalton Caruana

Hello my name is, Karen Kinsley. My Son Dalton, sustained his TBI One year ago yesterday 6/23 after being hit by a large SUV driven by an off duty cop we have recently were told had been drinking. He made a left turn into his own driveway right into the path of my son on his motorcycle. Dalton sustained a TBI, C1 fracture, broken scapula, collarbone and two broken ribs. His left ear was almost torn off and both wrists were shattered!

He was taken to our local trauma hospital and was induced in a coma for approx. 3 weeks then slowly brought out. He then spent 3 more weeks on the step down floor and eventually moved to a TBI rehab 4 hours north of us. 

He had to learn to walk, talk and swallow again. He made good progress there. I got to go to all his therapies with him and participate. He was sent home mid Aug. with a wheelchair. After many months of speech, OT and PT they finally discharged him. 

His fiancé kicked him out after two months home from rehab, she couldn't cope with TBI behaviors and he came to live with me. I happen to be a Registered Behavior Tech and work with children with Autism so I am dealing with his quirks! Lots of humor is our secret. Dalton is off all meds and has been since a week of being home with me.

I have him on supplements and protein shakes till my mixer broke!  He gets to have his little girl visit  every other weekend and he is doing so well with her but still needs support. 

At this time Dalton has major nerve damage on his left side affecting his left arm and leg. He walks with a drop foot and his left hand usually stays in a fist. A lot of weakness. 

He is due to see another Dr. who will be assessing him and starting brain training  therapy.  It has been a long year for us but love, prayer, belief and lots of laughter is our prescription.  He is my hero, miracle and strength!

TBI One Love, thank you for letting us join this inspiring Family!

Dalton's Mom

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